Tajani: “We need a European army”

“We have been insisting for years on the need to have a European army, to have a European defense policy that is an integral part of European foreign policy”. He says it Antonio Tajani, Foreign Minister and secretary of FI, on the sidelines of a press conference in the Chamber. “To count even within NATO you need to be credible and Europe is credible if it has a serious foreign and defense policy – he adds – It would be the best way to tell the United States we are there, we are in NATO, we believe in it , we are interlocutors of the same level.”

Also Matteo Renzi returns to reiterate the need for a European army. “I was very struck by Donald Trump’s intervention on military spending, which confirmed American disengagement in the event of his victory in the Presidential elections – he writes in his enews – I think what I wrote in the book and what I said in Maastricht last year November, you can find it here: Europe must wake up. It’s time to create the European army. For history lovers: after the coin, the sword…”.

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