Tajani and the Ghali case in Sanremo, what the minister said

“I don’t think there’s a genocide” going on in the Gaza Strip, “the word genocide is wrong even from a legal point of view” regarding Israel’s actions. She declared it the deputy prime minister and foreign minister Antonio Tajani speaking on Rai Radio1 on ‘Ping Pong’, the program hosted by Annalisa Chirico, responding to a question about the controversy After .

Underlining that “I believe the balance has been restored with the reading by Mara Venier”, Tajani nevertheless stated that “Israel is making a mistake because the reaction after the horrific attack on October 7 is causing too many civilian victims. We have always invited Israel to avoid reprisals that would hit the Palestinian population that is not Hamas so heavily.”

”Israel’s reaction” to the attack suffered by Hamas ”is disproportionate and it is right to urge it to be cautious regarding military reactions involving the civilian population. There are too many civilian deaths”, the minister then remarked. ”The American Administration is asking Netanyahu not to exaggerate and it is a position we all have,” he added, explaining that ”we ask Israel, in the right defense of its own security, not to strike the Palestinian population, causing so many victims” ‘.

Therefore, ”without prejudice to Israel’s right to exist, it is necessary to give the Palestinian population a perspective for the future,” Tajani said. ”We, as Italy and the presidency of the G7, are for two peoples for two states. Israel must live in security and give the Palestinian population a perspective”.

“The Albanian case? I understand Tel Aviv’s reaction, 7 October was a Jew hunt”

”I don’t agree with a word of what Albanese says. The Hamas attack was not a military attack, but a hunt for Jews, an action that had incomprehensible, inhuman consequences, the desecration of corpses, things never seen in any war”. And this is why ”I understand the reaction of Israel”, which decided to ban entry into the country to , the United Nations special rapporteur for human rights violations committed in the occupied Palestinian territories, underlines Tajani.

”When there is a conflict you must always be very cautious, if you want peace you must always aim for the truth,” Tajani added, stating that ”Hamas is a criminal organization that has coldly targeted Israeli civilians. He didn’t carry out an action against an Israeli army barracks, but he carried out a Jew hunt. Having said this, from the beginning we asked Israel to have a proportionate reaction”.

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