Sursee Cantonal Hospital: Construction workers surprise father


Sursee“The whole hospital was watching”

A worker on the construction site at the Sursee Cantonal Hospital recently became a father. His brother surprised him with a kind act.

Zoe Stoller
  • A construction worker from Sursee became a father in the hospital next to his construction site.

  • To surprise him, his brother, who works at the same construction site, painted a sign with the newborn’s name and date of birth.

  • He lifted the board with the crane so that the entire hospital could see it.

The brothers Alen and Elvis have been working as polishers and crane operators on a construction site at the Sursee Cantonal Hospital for months. A few days ago, Alen received a call from his heavily pregnant wife. “It’s coming, it’s coming,” she said on the phone.

Elvis, who not only became an uncle but also a godfather, really wanted to organize a special event for his brother and his family. “After all, it’s not every day that a child is born right next to the construction site where his father works,” he says. “So I thought about the best way to surprise her.”

Lifted by crane

Then the idea came to him: “I quickly painted a sign with his name, his date of birth and a heart and then lifted it up with the crane.” During installation, he attached great importance to ensuring that the sign was securely attached.

Elvis knew where his brother’s family room was. That’s why he held the sign directly in front of his window. “I called him and asked him if he had ventilated yet. So my brother and his wife looked out the window and saw the sign.” The family was very happy about his campaign.

“Heartwarming and wonderful”

Paskal, Alen’s best friend, tells of his reaction to the surprise: “It was just heartwarming and wonderful. The whole hospital was watching. The patients and the hospital staff were all enthusiastic about this kind action.”

Sursee Cantonal Hospital: Construction workers surprise father

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