Stormy winds are hitting the country today: this will be the weather on Sunday

The chance of precipitation is the lowest in the southeastern regions, while scattered showers develop in the wider band of the Southern Transdanubia – Northern Great Plains line. Primarily, there is a significant chance of thunderstorms in the vicinity of this line – in the afternoon, mainly in the southwest, and then elsewhere.

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The southerly wind can again be accompanied in more and more directions by strong, even stormy gusts in the Storm Corner. In the evening, the Transdanubian turns to the northwest, and after a temporary moderation, the wind picks up again.

The highest daytime temperature is in the northwestern part of the country 9 to 14, in the south-eastern part between 15 and 20 degrees is likely. In the late evening, we can mostly measure 6, 13 degrees.

The warning was issued due to wind, rain and thunderstorms

Today, starting in the afternoon and early evening hours, thunderstorms can be expected to form first in South Transdanubia, then in smaller numbers and possibly more and more to the northeast – approximately in the wide area of ​​the cities of Nagykanizsa, Budapest, Miskolc – which will move to the north and northeast.

Thunderstorms are more likely to form a system in South Transdanubia. Primarily, they may be accompanied by intense, downpour-like precipitation (15-25 mm), temporary strengthening of the wind (and possibly small-grained ice in some places). It is expected that the thunderstorm activity will not subside completely by the late evening hours, in the second half of the night leading up to Monday, the sky may also thunder in the east.

In the morning, the southerly wind increases to gales in the southeastern part of the country. The strongest gusts can reach 60-75 km/h. In the afternoon, the air movement gradually loses its strength.

In the southwest, the amount of rain that falls in 24 hours may be between 15-20 mm in a large area, and over 20 mm in places dotted with showers and thunderstorms.

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