Stomach upset: NAV found animal urine in branded perfumes and excrement in tobacco products

There was also a case when a perfume was found in which the chemical test also showed animal urine. Perfume is one of the most frequently counterfeited products, it is risky to buy it in the market, on the street, or in the parking lot. In the worst case, the criminals put harmful chemicals in the bottle.

Among other things, András Péter Kiss, the spokesperson of the National Tax and Customs Administration, spoke about this in Spirit FM’s Letöltendő program, which was watched by ATV. As it turns out, counterfeiting has practically become an industry today, almost everything is copied.

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“And animal urine has also been found in perfumes. So, in the best case, there is only plain water and fragrance in a fake perfume, in the worst case, animal urine” – said the NAV spokesperson.

But “homemade” cigarettes are also often mixed with other vegetable debris, just so that they have the right weight. Everything from grape leaves to twigs has been found in such tobacco products, even animal excrement.

This is precisely why inspections are important: their purpose is to protect the health of consumers. While brand owners invest a lot of money and energy to produce the best possible, high-quality and reliable product, counterfeiters do not pay attention to this. This is precisely why, if NAV specialists find products that appear to be fake, they notify the right holder, who decides whether they are original or fake. The authorities only live on suspicion.

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