Soup for art. Climate activists attacked Monet’s Spring

The Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon filed a criminal complaint against two activists who splashed soup on the glass protecting the painting Spring by Impressionist painter Claude Monet. The incident happened on Saturday. The act of vandalism was committed by two young women who were subsequently arrested.

monet, spring

Painting Spring by Claude Monet.

The Riposte Alimentaire movement, in whose name the young women were acting, published a video of their action on social networks. It said the event aims to raise awareness of the coming climate and social crisis. Young women, e.g. they chanted that “this spring will be the only one we have left if we don’t act. What will our future artists paint?”.

Nathalie Perrin Gilbert of Lyon City Hall’s culture department said the painting will be inspected by a restorer – partly because the glass protecting it is not waterproof like the Mona Lisa on display at the Louvre in Paris, which was the target of a similar attack two weeks ago.

She added that she “understands the concerns of these young people” but warned that “these actions are counterproductive to the message these activists want to send.”

French Minister of Culture Rachida Datiová expressed her surprise in a statement on the social network that activists want to achieve their goals by attacking art.

The attack by Riposte Alimentaire activists on the painting Mona Lisa was the beginning of their campaign of civil resistance with a clear demand for social security of sustainable food. According to them, the current model stigmatizes the most vulnerable and does not respect people’s basic right to food.

The Riposte Alimentaire movement emerged from the Dernire Rénovation movement and is part of an international network of similar climate projects called A22, which unites, among others, Just Stop Oil (UK), terställ Vtmarker (Sweden), Renovate Switzerland (Switzerland), Uprising of the Last Generation ( Germany).

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