Ski legend posts Federer video – Djokovic fans are pissed


Lindsey VonnSki legend posts Federer video – Djokovic fans are pissed

Lindsey Vonn and Roger Federer spent a day skiing together. The American’s post sparked heated discussions.

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Lindsey Vonn released this video over the weekend.


  • Lindsey Vonn released a video with Roger Federer over the weekend.

  • This video caused a lot of criticism.

  • The former ski star reacted.

There’s a fuss about Lindsey Vonn’s video with superstar Roger Federer. The American former ski star posted a video with the Swiss tennis legend over the weekend. “I was finally able to go skiing with my friend Roger,” she wrote.

But the post caused a lot of criticism – especially from many fans of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Vonn’s choice of words and the fact that she referred to Federer as “GOAT” (English for “Greatest of all time”, in German: “The greatest of all time”) were particularly criticized.

Djokovic fans are angry

«Do you even know what the terminology of the word is? The GOAT is determined by numbers and successes and Djokovic is currently number one!” said one user, for example. Someone else wrote: “Novak Djokovic is the GOAT in tennis and Mikaela Shiffrin is the GOAT in ski racing.”

The American responded to the criticism and adapted her original Insta post. She deleted her post with the “GOAT” passage on Twitter. “To have such an influence as you, it takes more than just numbers,” the 39-year-old originally wrote, alluding to the maestro’s 20 Grand Slam titles. Djokovic, who is still active, has already collected his 24th.

“The GOAT is a subjective designation”

In the edited version, the four-time overall World Cup winner corrected her statement. “It’s not about the statistics, it’s about the influence you had on me,” Vonn wrote. And she was just one of millions of fans. On X, the Olympic champion explained what she meant by that.

“The GOAT is a subjective designation,” says Vonn. It’s about what makes someone great. «Are they statistics, records? Is it the character? Does everything come into play?” asked the former world-class racing driver. You can have different opinions. «There will always be discussions. But opinions are just opinions and everyone is entitled to their own,” she concluded her post.

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