Schwarzsee: “Not a single square meter is unpainted”: civilians smear the course center


Schwarzsee FR“Not a single square meter is left unpainted”: civilians smear the course center

Despite the security service being employed specifically for this purpose, the walls of the Schwarzsee FR training center are being painted over.

Lucas Orellano
  • “The paintings give off a cool vibe,” says Zivi Yannick R.* about the graffiti on the walls in the training center.

  • According to the responsible federal office, criminal charges are filed “systematically” for damage to property.

  • Further measures are currently being examined. The walls will soon be repainted.

Civilians come to the Schwarzsee FR training center for various courses: environmental and nature conservation, using chainsaws, safety when deployed abroad, but also looking after children or elderly people is on the program.

In addition, many of the civilians also engage in artistic activities – illegally: numerous walls are painted and scribbled all over them. Yannick R.* spends a few days on the Schwarzsee campus in winter. “It’s well known among civilians,” he says to 20 Minutes. “All my friends who do civilian work have already been to Schwarzsee or have to go there soon. People say that it wasn’t so extreme a few years ago.”

“There is not a square meter that is not completely painted”

In photos and videos that Yannick R. took, you can see abbreviations of football clubs, as well as political verbal battles, for example about Christoph Blocher (“Fascist and racist” vs. “He was right”), and vulgar drawings, especially of female bodies , an orgy of devilish-looking creatures with the note “This is art.”

There are numerous stickers in the stairwell, and the toilets are also painted and scribbled on. On a door that probably once said “Heating distribution” it now says “Eating stimulus distribution”.

“I have no problem with it,” says Yannick R. “The paintings give off a cool vibe. It would be a shame if it was painted over again because it has a cool, alternative, own touch.” The only walls that aren’t completely painted are in the bedrooms: “You could prove it there.”

“We condemn this unreservedly”

People at the Federal Office for Civil Service have less joy in the artistic activities of civilians. “We are aware that graffiti can be found on walls and scribbles on installations in rooms on the Schwarzsee campus that are used by the Federal Office for Civil Service for the training of those subject to community service,” says head of communications Christoph Flückiger when asked by 20 Minutes.

“The Federal Office for Civil Service unreservedly condemns acts of vandalism in the form of spray painting and scribbling, especially if they contain sexist and/or racist content,” Flückiger continued.

Systematic criminal charges for property damage

The canton of Freiburg, as the campus owner, systematically files criminal charges for damage to property. The office has also hired a private security service to prevent the walls from being painted any further. “However, much more is not possible,” as Flückiger continues. “However, when dealing with this social phenomenon, the Federal Office for Civilian Service only has a limited number of legally permissible and proportionate preventative measures at its disposal.”

However, we are currently working with experts to examine how the measures can be strengthened. And: “Due to the extent of the damage to property, repair work is planned with the owner in the first semester of 2024.”

Schwarzsee: “Not a single square meter is unpainted”: civilians smear the course center

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