Schwanden GL: 20 people are allowed to return to their apartment after a landslide

The situation surrounding the Wagenrunse landslide has calmed down somewhat, the Glarus Süd municipality wrote in a situation update on Friday evening. “The movements in the landslide area are currently comparable to those before the events of December 22nd and 23rd, 2023,” it continues. Immediately after the damage, the Civil Engineering and Works Department, together with local entrepreneurs, began to organize emergency closure of the two affected apartment buildings in the yellow zone. This was implemented in the last few days and can now be used. However, not all residents are allowed back and there is still a ban on entry to all rooms in the basement.

How «Watson» citing the SDA news agency, 20 residents are now allowed to return to their homes. “The municipality of Glarus Süd informed the affected people directly by telephone about the possibility of returning,” it continues. On the occasion of the evacuation, it was assured that the municipality would cover any hotel costs until January 4, 2024. This decision will not change anything. “If evacuated people do not want to return to their homes yet, the municipality of Glarus Süd will cover any costs for hotel accommodation until January 4, 2024.”

The neighborhoods affected by the recent events are still heavily contaminated with mud and water. Access is therefore only possible via the emergency closure. “The experts are examining how the situation can be improved. The possibilities for clean-up work are also continually examined. However, this requires complex clarifications of a static and legal nature and the possible storage locations.”

On December 22nd and 23rd, up to 2,000 cubic meters of mud entered the area. There was never any danger to life and limb for the residents inside the buildings. However, a possible interruption in the water and electricity supply could not be ruled out. There were also no means of rescue or access, which is why the decision was made to evacuate the affected population.

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