Russia Comments | Peskov: Stubb’s statements are unfriendly in nature, Putin remained silent

Russian presidential Vladimir Putin press manager Dmitry Peskov commented briefly on Monday by Alexander Stubb election as the president of Finland by characterizing Stubb’s statements as “unfriendly in nature”. Peskov brought up the matter in his press call and the Russian state news agency also reported on it Ria Novosti.

Peskov characterized Stubb’s words as an answer to the question of whether Putin intends to congratulate Stubb on his election.

“At the moment, Finland is considered an unfriendly country that is fully involved in the sanctions front,” Peskov said.

“And Mr. President’s statements are completely unfriendly in nature.”

However, Peskov softened his words right away.

“This is the choice of the Finnish people, their sovereign right and sovereign act,” Peskov said.

“That’s why we can’t help but respect the Finns’ choice. And every time we hope that the new head of state will become a developer of our mutual relations.”

Stubby the election as president of Finland in general aroused a whole series of bitter comments in the Russian media, in which Stubb was presented as an “active defender of the anti-Russian line”.

“His attitude towards our country has changed completely recently,” Russian state television the number one channel commented on his Monday morning news.

“During his ministerial tenure, this politician defended visa freedom between Finland and Russia, supported the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline and Rosatom’s participation in the construction of a local nuclear power plant.”

“Now Stubb wants to destroy balanced relations with Moscow, deprive Russia of a seat on the UN Security Council, confiscate Russia’s frozen assets and take Ukraine into the EU and NATO,” the channel continued.

“And the most shocking was his announcement that Finnish citizenship should be taken away from Russian passport holders.”

About dual citizenship Stubb said the same thing during his campaign Sauli Niinistök too, meaning that depriving anyone of their citizenship will hardly work. Newspaper Izvestijan an analyst at the diplomatic university Mgimo interviewed on Sunday evening Nikita Lipunov actually reminded Russian readers of just this.

“We hardly go to the deprivation of citizenship, because that would be a clear violation of the constitution,” said Lipunov.

“But otherwise, we may very well see new forms of discrimination.”

By “forms of discrimination”, Lipunov referred, in his own words, to “restrictions in relation to Russians and their property”.

Ministry of Defence TV channel Zvezda in turn interviewed a professor at the Moscow University of Economics Alexei Makarkiniaaccording to which Stubb’s election as president will not affect relations between Finland and Russia at all.

“Currently, the differences are so bad that it is very difficult to change them in any way for the better,” Makarkin assessed and pointed out that all the presidential candidates pretty much agreed on foreign policy.

“Even if the relationship between Russia and Finland warms up, there is no going back to the old relations,” Makarkin said.

“We got used to a non-aligned Finland, but now that has changed with all the resulting consequences.”

Putin’s a political scientist who belongs to staunch supporters Sergei Markov fastened with his own on his Telegram channel attention to Stubb’s position, according to which the transport of nuclear weapons in Finnish territory should be allowed.

“Transport to where?” Markov asks rhetorically.

“The term transport actually refers to the semi-legal placement of tactical nuclear weapons. Now Russia must direct its nuclear weapons towards Finland. They themselves voted for this hateful lunatic.”

“Unlike Ukraine, Finnish elections are not rigged,” Markov compares. “Therefore, the people of Ukraine are not responsible (President Volodymyr) About Zelenskybut the people of Finland bear full responsibility for Stubb.”

Newspaper Izvestija posted perhaps the most cryptic Stubb comment on Monday morning. Interviewed in the story is the US Army EVP. lieutenant colonel Earl Rasmussen assesses that NATO membership does not increase Finland’s security and that Finland is of no benefit to NATO.

“Except that otherwise Russia could easily place its missile systems there,” says Rasmussen. “But on the other hand, Finland would be the first to be wiped off the face of the earth.”

At the end of the day, it is not clear whether Finland is a member of NATO or the EU. Instead, readers are told that the Russia-hater Stubb’s line is completely different from Niinistö’s and that Stubb’s policy is widely opposed in Finland.

Rasmussen is one of the commentators used by the propaganda agency Sputnik and its affiliated RT television channel, whose title is “Deputy Director of the Eurasia Center”. From television broadcasts, it can be concluded that a person using the Rasmussen name may exist.

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