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Russia launches an attack against Ukraine with a hail of over 100 missiles, today 29 December, in one of the darkest days since the start of the war, which has been ongoing for 22 months now. Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro are hit. The news refers to almost 20 confirmed deaths, but the toll risks worsening hour by hour, while digging through the rubble of buildings, shopping centers and civil buildings affected by the raid.

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2.26pm“France condemns in the strongest terms the massive Russian missile and drone attacks in Ukraine, which left at least 12 dead and 76 injured, particularly in the regions of Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. Launching more than 110 missiles and dozens of drones against the entire territory of Ukraine, as it has done almost daily for several months, Russia continues its terror strategy aimed at destroying Ukrainian civilian infrastructure in order to undermine the resilience of the Ukrainian population in this second winter of conflict”. This was stated by a spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry commenting on the Russian attacks in Ukraine.

1.38pm“Ukraine needs funding now to continue fighting for freedom from these horrors in 2024.” The US ambassador to Kiev, Bridget Brink, writes thus on X. After the Russian attacks which – according to Kiev – have caused at least 18 deaths in the last few hours, the ambassador shares an image of the warning messages for the air attacks, writing that “this is what the Ukrainians saw this morning on their mobile phones and as a result, millions of men, women and children have gone into air raid shelters as Russia fires missiles at the country.”

1.11pm”Russia has launched one of the largest attacks since the large-scale invasion of Ukraine against cities and populations.” EU High Representative of Foreign Policy Josep Borrell wrote this in a tweet, adding that ”it was yet another cowardly and indiscriminate attack against schools, a subway station and a hospital”. Borrell reiterated that ”the EU stands by Ukraine, for as long as necessary”.

12.47pmThe death toll in Ukraine has risen to at least 18 dead and 108 injured after the reported Russian attacks. This was reported by Ukrainska Pravda, which cites news confirmed by Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko and by the authorities of Odessa, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Kiev, Lviv and Dnipro.

12.29pmPolish President Andrzej Duda called an urgent meeting with the military leadership after the violation of Polish airspace by a flying object from Ukraine. The Polish radio Rmf reports it, explaining that the flying object fell in the Wozuczyn-Cukrownia area in the Hrubieszów district. It is unclear whether it was a Russian or Ukrainian object.

12.08Ukraine has been attacked in the past few hours by 158 missiles and drones launched by the Russian armed forces. The Kiev army denounced it, speaking of ”a massive military attack”. The commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, explained that based on preliminary results it was seen that the Russian military first used ”traditional” methods, i.e. the so-called Iranian-made kamikaze drones, the Shahed. Subsequently, the Russian military launched at least 55 cruise missiles, 14 ballistic missiles, five aeroballistic missiles and other anti-radar missiles against Ukraine. Zaluzhnyi said Ukraine’s armed forces shot down 27 of 36 drones launched by Russia, as well as 87 missiles.

11:52“Everything must be done to achieve peace, because war hurts, kills, is a pandemic. This sensitivity, which seeks to be creative, is not that we see how it goes, we have to invent everything. I think this was the Pope’s concern” Thus the president of the CEI in a long interview with ‘Soul’, the program broadcast tomorrow, Saturday 30 December at 8.50pm on TV2000.

11:29At least 12 have been killed and 75 injured in Ukraine where the authorities report intense Russian bombing which has hit various regions of the country in the last few hours. This was reported by the Ukrainian media, citing data from the Interior Ministry. In Dnipro alone, in the center of the country, the toll provided by the local authorities speaks of at least five civilians killed and 20 injured.

11:08”Only greater firepower can silence Russian terrorism”. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba wrote this in a tweet, confirming that ”around 110 Russian missiles and numerous drones were used to hit civilians in Ukraine. A maternity ward, schools, hospitals, residential buildings and commercial facilities were targeted.”

Kuleba wrote that ”today millions of Ukrainians woke up to the loud noise of explosions. I wish the sound of explosions in Ukraine could be heard throughout the world. In all major capitals, headquarters and parliaments, which are currently discussing further support for Ukraine. In all the editorial offices that write about “tiredness” or that Russia is supposedly ready for “negotiations”. These sounds are what Russia really has to say. Our only collective response can and must be continuous, robust and long-term military and financial assistance to Ukraine”.

10.46amMissiles fired by the Russian military hit a maternity hospital and a shopping center in Dnipro, Ukraine. This was confirmed by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, explaining that 4 people were killed in the missile attack.

10.27amRussia launched the most massive air strikes in recent times against Ukraine overnight, according to Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yurii Ihnat. “Practically everything has arrived, except the Kalibr cruise missiles,” Ihnat told Ukrainian television today.

Among the weapons used were Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, S-300-type ballistic missiles, various cruise missiles and Iranian-made long-range drones. About 18 strategic bombers were dispatched, Ihnat said. “We haven’t had this many red enemy targets on our monitors in a long time,” he said.

Air raid sirens sounded across the country, with damage reported in Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Kiev. According to media reports, there were explosions in Odessa, Khmelnytskyi and Zaporizhzhya. Authorities reported at least six deaths and more than three dozen injuries across the country.

10:11”A total of around 110 missiles were fired at Ukraine, most of which were shot down.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote this in a tweet, confirming that ”a maternity ward, educational facilities, a shopping center, multi-storey residential buildings and private homes, a commercial warehouse and a parking lot. Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and other cities. Today Russia has used almost every type of weapon in its arsenal: ‘Kindzhals’, S-300s, cruise missiles and drones. The strategic bombers launched X-101/X-505” missiles.

9:38The Russian raid that hit the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, caused the death of two people and the wounding of 17. This was announced by the Military Administration of the city of Kiev, as reported by the Kyiv Independent newspaper in a tweet.

9:16The toll from the air raid carried out by the Russian armed forces on the Odessa oblast, in southern Ukraine, is two dead and ten injured. This was reported by the deputy regional governor of Odessa, Oleksandr Kharlov, as reported by the Kyiv Independent. Among the injured there are also two children aged 6 and 8 years. Residential buildings were hit by the Russians.

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