Putin’s “rival” is denied participation in the Russian presidential election due to incorrectly filled out documents

Duntsova gained wider popularity thanks to the fact that she has so far spoken negatively about the war started by Russia in Ukraine and called for a ceasefire. She is said to have stood up for a “humane” Russia, “which is peaceful, friendly and ready to cooperate with everyone based on the principle of respect”.

Presidential elections in Russia are expected in 2024 and will take place over three days – from March 15 to 17. This will also be the first presidential election since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Even though experts have admitted that this could pose certain challenges to Putin, the election process is also called a farce, in which the outcome is already clearly known, that is, it is likely that the current head of state will retain his position for the next six years.

In addition, amendments to the Russian constitution in 2020 would allow Putin to remain in office for two more terms. So – until 2036.

Last weekend, Russia’s Central Election Commission refused to accept Duntsova’s initial candidacy, which was put forward by a group of her supporters. The candidacy was rejected on the pretext of incorrectly filled out documents, including spelling mistakes in them, the AP news agency reported.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Russia rejected Duntsova’s appeal against the commission’s decision.

After losing her appeal, Duntsova announced that she would start work on the creation of her own political party, which would stand for “peace, freedom and democracy”.

“We will fight for the right to live without fear, speak freely and feel secure about the future,” she declared.

Duntsova has asked the leaders of the liberal party “Yabloko” to nominate her as a candidate, but the founder of the party, Grigoriys Javlinskis, did not support this idea.

Currently, several Russian parties have already named their candidates. Putin also announced his intention to run in the elections at the beginning of December.

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