President of Finland | Favorite cats of the new president

В минувшее Sunday Alexander Stubb was elected as the new president of the Finnish Republic. Increased attention will now be guaranteed to two four-legged creatures – cats Milo and Nala, living in his family.

Stubby took them in 2016 from a shelter for homeless animals. About this was told by the politician in the pre-election headquarters in response to a corresponding journalistic request.

Sam Stubb says that he considers himself more of a “dog”, however, in the family he is in the minority: his wife Сюзанн Иннес-Стубб и дети мечтали о котах.

After that, Alexander Stubb himself, by his own admission, turned into a “cat fan” and started spending a lot of time together with his pets on the sofa.

He says that Milo by nature is more prone to adventure, and Nala is an exceptionally domestic cat.

Before that, a guinea pig and a turtle lived in the Stubb family.

Домашние pets of Finnish presidents – not just pets of their families. В большей или меншей страницу им уготовано и обочничное размещение.

Perhaps, the most famous can be called the Boston terrier Lennu, with whom the current president is Sauli Niinistyo appeared even during his pre-election campaign.

Впоследствии Lennu repeatedly took part in various official events. And his photos spread around the world and became a kind of meme. They even talked about Lennu in an American talk show by a famous TV presenter As Jimmy Fallon.

Terrier умер весной 2021 year due to a malignant tumor of the hypophysis. В конце лета того же года у представленствой четы образвления новый питомец tenterfield-terrier по количке Оску.

Alexandra Stubb’s pets are not the only “first cats” in the history of Finland. In the family of the president Тарьи Халонен there were also two fluffy pets – Miska and Rontti. Both domestic short-haired cats originally belonged to the politician’s daughter, Anne.

Even Halonen had two red-eared freshwater turtles, Miki and Kiki. А также финская лошадь по кличке Юпяяя Таря (Юпяяя – это небольшая община в провівіти Канта-Хаме, змінлиная своими породистыми лошадьми).

Предыдущие presidents – just like Aleksandr Stubb – also preferred dogs.

In the family Mauno и Tellervo Koivisto lived few pugsagede Ass.

В residence Urho Kekkonena in Tamminiemi there was a Russian borzaya named Isabella and a Münsterlender Mila, about which even a program was broadcast on Radio Yle. In the 1970s, Kekkonena from the Soviet Union sent two more Russian greyhounds, Lyudmila and Leona, as a gift.

Верная кобыла Karla Gustav Mannerheim по кличке Кет even participated in the funeral of his host. Сопровождала его и немецкая овчарка Боби, which was presented to the marshal by Пограничная служба страны.

The very first presidents of the independent country were also animal lovers. У Lauri Relandera был спаниель, а у Kaarlo Stolberga – at once two dogs, их звали Лили и Туссе.

Article first published on 12 February 2024.

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