Pakistan Elections | Pakistan went berserk with the surprise result and nobody knows what will happen next

of Pakistan the big surprise of the parliamentary elections is messing up the country’s politics in a bad way.

The counting of votes for the elections held on Thursday will be ready for the participants on Monday, and the former prime minister will receive the most votes Imran Khan’s Candidates supported by PTI party. This was thought to be almost impossible as Khan is in jail and his entire party is banned.

However, the party managed to mobilize its supporters behind independent candidates.

The result leads to a difficult stalemate, as the PTI-backed candidates were also left with 93 seats, far from the parliamentary majority, which would require 169 MPs.

Triple of Prime Minister, President of Pakistan Muslim League of Nawaz Sharif was expected to win the election easily.

Sharif declared himself the winner of the election on Friday but admitted that he had not achieved an absolute majority. Technically, Sharif’s Muslim League was indeed the largest party, as PTI’s candidates are non-aligned.

However, with only 75 seats, the Muslim League cannot dictate the government, but is forced to negotiate. Third came the Pakistan People’s Party PPP and its chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

Time it is until leap day to form a government. All options seem difficult.

Based on the election result, it is difficult to ignore the candidates supported by Khan, but all parties have burned a lot of bridges behind them.

Sharif of the Muslim League, in particular, has fish debts with Khan. Khan became prime minister in 2018 when Sharif went into voluntary exile in Britain on suspicion of corruption.

Parts changed four years later, when Khan received a vote of no confidence in parliament and later charges of abuse of power.

difficulty factor increasing the fact that Khan’s supporters are far from satisfied with their victory, but have organized demonstrations around the country and, for example, blocked highways. They accuse the authorities of election fraud and believe that they would have achieved a bigger victory.

The police already announced on Sunday that they will deal with attempts to disturb the peace with a hard hand.

Even before the elections, the authorities put one obstacle after another in front of the PTI party. In January, Khan was sentenced to 10 to 14 years in prison and was also banned from politics.

In a country where illiteracy is still prevalent, the PTI was banned from using Imran Khan’s cricket bat logo. Khan is a former cricket star.

The AI ​​was made to deliver speeches written by Khan in prison. When they spread effectively, access to the internet was closed in many places.

Also unprecedented in the election result was the fact that Nawaz Sharif was a candidate supported by the Pakistan Armed Forces. The armed forces are the true wielders of power in Pakistan, allowing the parliament to function only within the limits set by itself.

If the political impasse does not open, a military coup is always possible.

about Pakistan, a nuclear-armed nation of 241 million people, is on the brink of economic collapse.

It was close to insolvency last year, but the International Monetary Fund (IMF) granted it an emergency loan of three billion dollars. Stock prices fell in Pakistan on Monday as news of the election results spread.

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