Orban lobbies for Serbia’s EU accession before Ukraine: “If we don’t integrate it as soon as possible, we will lose it”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is warning that the European Union will “lose” Serbia to China if it does not allow the Balkan state to join the EU bloc soon before allowing Ukraine.

We need to finish the old enlargement task before starting the new enlargement with Ukraine. If we don’t integrate it as soon as possible, we will lose itOrban said in a conversation with former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel for European Voices, a magazine published by Die Presse.

Serbia applied to join the EU in 2009, but the bid was blocked due to close ties with Russia and China.

Serbia has other options. A free trade agreement with China has just been concludedOrban said, referring to an agreement signed last October with Serbia’s second-largest trading partner after the EU, according to POLITICO.

Orban wants Ukraine to be a buffer zone between Russia and the West

Moreover, Orban considers Ukraine between Russia and the West, which would provide certain security guarantees, but would not admit Zelenski’s country as a member of the EU or NATO.

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Whether you like it or not, whether Ukrainians like it or not, Ukraine is where it is on the map. The best prospect is for it to be a buffer zone between Russia and the West – with security guarantees, of course. If that doesn’t work, Ukraine will continue to lose territory. Russia will destroy Ukraine again and again and again and again. Russia will never accept having an EU and NATO member like Ukraine on its borders, neverOrban would have said.

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