On the Finnish border with Russia, tensions with migrants stand out

It happened at the Nirala border checkpoint in south-eastern Finland after some undocumented migrants expressed their displeasure at being denied entry into the country. The border guards had to use force and tear gas against one person.

The group of migrants had arrived on bicycles, even though a complete ban on entering Finland by bicycle came into force this week.

Finnish border guards pointed out that, despite this, Russia still allows migrants to go to Finland with this vehicle. Niralas and three other border points on the border with Russia are closed from today.

“If necessary, the entire eastern border will be closed. This is a crystal clear message to Russia and to people considering whether to make the long journey.

But first we closed the border points in the south-east of Finland, because it was the closest, and now we are evaluating whether, if necessary, to close the northern border points as well,” said the Finnish Minister of Defense Anti Heckenen.

In recent days, the number of migrants arriving at the Finnish border through Russia and asking for asylum has been increasing. In the past 24 hours, 176 migrants were registered at the Finnish border.

Les Villas Du Soleil: Sunny News Today