There North Korea has launched what it claims is a spy satellite: the South Korean agency Yonhap reports it, after the two failed attempts last May and August. The South Korean military has informed of the new launch, heading south, without there being any details for now. The Japanese Kyodo agency reports the launch of a missile by North Koreapresumably a ballistic missile, and reports that the launch triggered the alarm system with the exhortation to the inhabitants of Okinawa prefecture to take shelter in shelters.

The news comes after that in the past few hours, Tokyo had announced that Pyongyang had signaled to Japan a nine-day timeframe for the launch of a satellite transport rocket
– starting from midnight on Wednesday, local time, and through November 30. The now reported launch occurred before that time frame, Kyodo highlights.

The South Korean military, Yonhap reports, detected the launch from the Tongchang-ri area, on the northwestern coast of North Korea, at around 10.43pm local time.

According to the Japanese warning system, the Kyodo agency specifies, the missile would have flown over the Pacific Ocean at around 10.55 pm local time and the alarm was thus raised for the inhabitants of Okinawa, measures revoked in a short time.

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