No, Taylor Swift & Co. don’t wear anti-Trump T-shirts


«Nope Not again»Photos of Taylor and other celebrities wearing anti-Trump shirts are fake

Taylor Swift, Tom Hanks and Barack Obama are Democratic supporters. They still don’t appear in anti-Trump T-shirts. Corresponding photos have been manipulated.

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  • Pictures have appeared on social media that allegedly show US celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Tom Hanks wearing anti-Trump T-shirts.

  • However, the images were manipulated and the T-shirts were subsequently photoshopped into the images.

  • The original images show the stars in different clothes and different situations.

  • The fake images are probably intended to boost sales of the T-shirt.

Photos of several US celebrities have appeared on social media, all apparently wearing the same T-shirt. Printed on it is the slogan: “Nope Not again,” with the first “O” featuring a cartoon-like depiction of Donald Trump’s hair and his usually red tie.

Images are manipulated

The images suggest that the sponsors are publicly speaking out against another Republican presidency. It fits that the celebrities are not known as Trump fans, but as supporters of the Democrats (see box). But appearances are deceptive: the photos were manipulated and the T-shirts were subsequently added to the picture.

This is how you can tell that the pictures are fake

The reverse image search shows that the shared images are not original photos, but rather manipulated images: if you load the supposed Taylor Swift photo, for example on Google Lens or on high, it quickly becomes apparent that the face comes from a photo taken at the “Time 100” gala at Lincoln Center in New York on April 23, 2019.

In the photo agency databases AFP, Getty, Alamy and Imago There are numerous pictures from that evening in which the facial expression is similar, the make-up, head and ear decorations and hairstyle are the same. The reddish shimmer that can be seen in the strands hanging out to the side in the manipulated photo is probably due to the red “Time 100” wall in front of which the original photo was taken in 2019.

Biden, Harris, Obama, Emhoff, Clinton and Hanks also had the “Nope Not again” T-shirt mounted in older photos:

Who is behind the fake photos?

That is unclear. The shirts are offered on various platforms some of the posts link directly. For example, if you click on the link attached to some of the manipulated Taylor Swift photos, you end up on the portal, where, according to self-report, “everyone can be their own brand”. Other posts lead to a dubious website that claims to be officially linked to the singer. There is next to that «Nope Not again»– also a «I hate Donald Trump»-Buy shirt. It is impossible to find out who is behind it. What is striking, however, is that there too the manipulated Tom Hanks image can be found.

According to the fact-checking platform The practice of showing celebrities in the shirts is probably intended to boost sales of the T-shirt. But there may also be rip-off attempts behind it.

“Keep America Trumpless” photos of celebrities are also fake

From a similar approach reported the AFP as early as September 2022: At that time, images of Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson, Brad Pitt and Chris Evans as well as other US celebrities were manipulated in a similar style. At that time, the slogan on the photoshopped photos read “Keep America Trumpless”. Regarding posts containing doctored images of Ben Affleck, AFP wrote that they all pointed to a link “where you can buy a ‘Keep America Trumpless’ T-shirt for $17.99 on Moteefe, a London-based e-commerce site. Commerce platform that enables people to design customized products and sell them worldwide».


The pictures of Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Douglas Emhoff, Hillary Clinton and Tom Hanks wearing “Nope Not again” T-shirts are fake. All of them are manipulated recordings. The original photos are all older and taken in a completely different context. It is unclear who is behind the misuse of the images. The edited images are probably intended to boost sales of the T-shirt.

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