New presidential election: who are the possible candidates?

The prelude to the president’s resignation is that one of his decisions came to light a week ago, in which he pardoned the deputy director of the children’s home in Bicske, even though the man supported the pedophile activities of his boss as an accomplice and wanted to persuade minors to change their incriminating testimony.

The decision must be accepted by the National Assembly, and the in-laws must elect a new president within 30 days. The resigned president must – by default – submit a final asset declaration. Since two-thirds of the Fidesz-KDNP ensure the election of a politician belonging to their own party family, the outcome of the election is not in doubt, but politically it is also an excellent opportunity for the opposition to nominate its own candidate. In any case, the opposition parties did not nominate candidates in 2012.

In the period leading up to the election, the president’s duties are performed by the president of the Parliament, in this case László Kövér, whose identity was already revealed when Áder’s mandate was terminated. Fat as the founder of Fidesz and a reliable cadre, he has a good chance of starting in the field, but according to the measurements, his personality was already divisive even then, which is why he rejected the Fidesz think tank. In 2022, László Trócsányi, former Minister of Justice and Member of the European Parliament, as well as EU Commissioner-designate, was also on the internal party list.

Since the Fidesz leadership already wanted to include a new face in the top management with Katalin Novák, the Minister of National Defense Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky could be mentioned, which could indicate that his popularity and sympathy factor had already started to be measured during the swelling of the pedophile scandal.

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The opposition is also a real dark horse from this point of view: economist Péter Róna, former president of the LMP foundation, was an opposition participant in the 2022 “presidential contest”, but he now leads the EP list of the Jobbik-Conservatives, so it is unlikely that he will run again .

In the previous election, however, the opposition already differed on the nomination: at the suggestion of Péter Márki-Zay, pastor Gábor Iványi, the president of the Oltalom Charitable Association, could only be a candidate for a few days, but Jobbik did not stand behind the pastor, so Péter Róna became the official candidate. In addition, the name of constitutional lawyer László Majtényi, who ran against János Áder in the parliamentary vote in 2017, may also appear. As the presidential candidate of the left-wing parties, he received 39 votes.

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