Milei meets the Pope in Rome, unscheduled with an Argentine group

An hour of conversation between the Pope and the Argentine president Javier Milei received in the Apostolic Palace. Milei arrived at the Vatican at 9am, after an unscheduled event including a collective selfie with a group of tourists in via della Conciliazione, for the meeting with the Pontiff. The face-to-face meeting went on until 10am.

At the time of the exchange of gifts, the Pontiff honored Milei with a bronze medallion inspired by the Baldachin of St. Peter; the volumes of papal documents; this year’s message for peace. In turn, Milei, as his spokesperson had anticipated, gave Bergoglio the philatelic postmark dedicated by the Argentine Post Office to Mama Antula; a copy of the document with which the Argentine Government accredited Juan Bautista Alberdi as Encargado de Negocios to the Pope (1854) and typical Argentine sweets, or dulce de leche and lemon biscuits.

The Argentine president and the Pope yesterday had a quick meeting before the canonization of the first Argentine saint, ‘Mama Antula’, in St. Peter’s Basilica and at the end of the celebration when the Pontiff, in a wheelchair, went to Milei to greet him . An exchange of hands followed by a warm embrace from Milei who had heavily insulted the Pontiff during the electoral campaign.

All forgotten? In recent days, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, in Rome for the canonization of the first saint of Argentina, Msgr. Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva said that the Pontiff is a man who knows how to “forgive” and who knows “the importance of institutional relations”. Milei will certainly have renewed his invitation to the Pope to visit his native country. Who knows, maybe the Pope decides to go to Argentina within the year.

Mieli also thanked the Israeli army for saving two hostages with dual nationality, Israeli and Argentine, in Rafah, southern Gaza. Milei, who was in Israel last week on a state visit, pledged to cultivate closer ties between the countries and will move the Argentine embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

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