The reign of Charles III was increasingly devoted to the family. Expanded, if it is true that the British royals will celebrate Christmas together at Sandringham, Charles and his children (yes, perhaps also with Harry, Meghan Markle and grandchildren and, naturally, with William, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and their little offspring) and Camilla – this would be the real news and also the most accredited – with her offspring. According to royal expert Chris Ship, in fact, the Christmas holidays could be very different from those of the past, with the unprecedented participation in the Norfolk estate of the queen’s children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes, to whom they would be added – he told ITv – five grandchildren, Lola, Eliza, Freddy, and twins Gus and Louis.

It would therefore be true that Queen Camilla is gaining more and more space and authority within the royal family, while Charles would demonstrate that he is a king with broad views (and concessions) and above all projected towards the future, after having demonstrated, with the welcome phone call received from his son on his birthday, wanting to remove some stormy past that culminated in the publication of the vitriolic book ‘Spare’. Who knows if this good propensity of the king will also manifest itself in the phone call with his son scheduled for this week, in which he could extend an invitation to Sandringham for Christmas to Harry.

According to a GbNews source, the Dukes of Sussex would like to spend the holidays in the United Kingdom, but have not yet been invited because, in reality, “the royals cannot trust them”.

The last time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent the Christmas period on the Norfolk estate was in 2018, when they walked alongside Princess Kate and Prince William and were nicknamed the ‘Fab Four’. However, now more than ever, things between the brothers have definitely changed compared to five years ago and their relationship is far from fabulous, with the Prince of Wales heir to the throne who has not forgiven Harry for the strictly family revelations of ‘Spare’.

In short, if the future king already demonstrates that he embodies the necessarily ‘conservative’ aspect of the monarchy, the current sovereign prefers to show the more tender and reconciling face of his father and generous grandfather. Whether he will invite Harry to Christmas, we will know in these daysbut in the meantime – GbNews always reports – King Charles spends more and more time on the Windsor estate, especially on weekends, in the company of his grandchildren, after the Prince and Princess of Wales moved their family there last year.