Katkov, a Russian activist expelled from Latvia, has been granted an apartment in Kaliningrad

“A two-room apartment in the new house, with repairs, in the Center district. He is currently choosing the furniture, we will pay for it,” Dmitry Liskov, the press secretary of the Kaliningrad district management, told the propaganda agency “RIA Novosti”.

Katkov’s wife has also arrived in Kaliningrad and will stay with him.

“My spouse has arrived in Kaliningrad, we are staying here together. We looked at the apartment, the contract is currently being prepared. We will sign it, bring everything we need and move in,” Katkov himself tells TASS.

It is considered a service apartment, because the 82-year-old Katkovs is a lecturer at the local university.

The rest of his family members are said to have remained in Latvia: two children, three grandsons and two great-granddaughters.

In January, the Latvian authorities put Katkov on the “black list” and expelled him from the country.

This decision was taken because Russian citizen Katkov has long and systematically worked in the interests of Russia. For a long time, he headed the Latvian-Russian Cooperation Association.

Katkov is a Russian military pensioner who came to Latvia during the Soviet occupation.

He has lived in Latvia for 57 years.

But now he feels at home in Russia. “I went to the pharmacy, everyone there speaks to me in Russian,” Katkov is happy in a conversation with local journalists.

Foodstuffs and utilities are also much cheaper in Kaliningrad.

Officials of the Kaliningrad region have previously expressed their readiness to receive Russian citizens in the region who could be deported from Latvia due to their ignorance of the Latvian language.

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