Kamala Harris is ready to serve, voters are worried about Biden’s age

US Vice President Kamala Harris has said she is ready to serve as a leader. She said this in an interview for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), published on Monday. In the election year, concerns about the age of President Joe Biden are growing among American voters, writes the AFP news agency.

Harris is 59 years old and is coming under increasing public scrutiny as to whether she is up to the task. In the event that the 81-year-old Democrat Biden is unable to serve as president or resigns, Harris will replace him.

“I am ready to serve. There’s no doubt about that,” Harris answered when asked if voters’ concerns about Biden’s age mean he has to convince them of his qualities and abilities.

Anyone who sees me on the job must be “fully aware that I have the ability to lead (the country),” Harris said. She gave the interview two days before the unflattering report of special counsel Robert Hur, in which Biden was portrayed as a forgetful senior citizen.

In the final report on Biden’s handling of classified materials, Hur wrote that the president should not be charged. He added critically that he appeared to the commission as a “good-natured elderly man with a bad memory”.

The White House reacted strongly to the report, noting that Hur interviewed Biden when he was under intense pressure the day after the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel by the Hamas movement. Harris also called the special investigator’s report “politically motivated.”

Harris has become increasingly involved in Biden’s re-election campaign, focusing on issues such as abortion.

The US presidential election will be held in November, and Biden is expected to compete against Donald Trump.

Republicans often target Harris. Polls show that the former California state senator has low preferences, as does Biden himself.

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