Joe Biden made his account on TikTok, despite criticism of the application by American politicians. VIDEO

American President Joe Biden became a TikTok user on Sunday evening, marking his debut on this social network with a 26-second video, AFP reports on Monday.

In recent years, the US government – both the previous Republican team and the Biden administration – has strongly criticized this video-sharing application.

TikTok, owned by Chinese group ByteDance, has been accused by a number of US politicians of being a propaganda tool for the Chinese government, which the Chinese group categorically denies.

In the video shared Sunday on the @bidenhq campaign account, the 81-year-old Democratic president light-heartedly tackles topics ranging from politics to the NFL.

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When asked if he prefers the Super Bowl or his famous halftime show, headlined this year by singer Usher, he said he chooses the game.

When asked about the existence of a secret plot to rig the game so that pop star Taylor Swift – whose boyfriend Travis Kelce is a player for the Kansas City Chiefs – could then use her notoriety to support Joe Biden, the president responded with humor: “I’d get in trouble if I told you.”

Several US states and the US federal government have banned the use of the application on official government devices, citing risks to national security.

In the state of Montana (northwest), a judge recently blocked an initiative by the administration of this state aimed at completely banning the application.

Even though the application continues to be examined by Washington, no federal measures to ban or restrict the use of the social network seem to be expected.

“It now appears that the idea of ​​an intervention had been advanced more to score political points than in a serious legislative effort”recently declared David Greene, a lawyer specialized in civil liberties, for the British publication The Guardian.

With the elections approaching, the platform also allows reaching young voters, who are its main users.

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