Javier Milei on communism: “It’s a disease of the soul”

I originally thought that communism was a mental problem. Because pure socialism has been defeated by economic theory. I first thought it was a problem of nature, of a mental nature. But, then, I realized that it was something much worse, that it was a disease of the soul. When socialism was applied well, they murdered more than 6 million human beings.” So the Argentine president, Javier Mileiin an interview with ‘Quarta Repubblica’.

“There are many socialists who want to achieve this in the long term. They are cowardly communists. But, let’s say it another way. Look, one of the things we have done, in these 50 days, has been to initiate and set in motion structural reforms. Of these reforms, 350 were considered urgent and 650 were included in a law, that is, the law of the freedom of basic Argentines. And this is interesting, because the central axis of all this is that it refers to giving back power and freedom to the Argentines. And then there is a second point, another point: moving forward towards more competitive market structures”, added Milei.

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