‘It will be the next massacre of this century’ – young woman describes life in Rafah as people wait for Israel to attack

A young woman who lives in Rafah told Sky News that an Israeli ground offensive in her town could be a massacre.

Daiana Albukhari showed the small area of ​​the school where she stays with her family, along with many others.

Her space, which she shares with five other members of her family, includes a bed, made of a few blankets and pillows, and a few shelves.

Sandbags have been put on hand in case the area is attacked, she said.

“There is no electricity, no food, no clean water. You have to stand in line for hours to take a shower or use the toilet”, she said.

She explained that the people in the shelter anticipate an Israeli ground attack soon – something Israel has signaled could happen.

The Israel Defense Forces said Rafah is home to the last remaining Hamas stronghold in Gaza.

“We expect Israeli forces to come to Rafah very soon and the people here are so depressed”said Diana.

“People say it will be the next massacre of the modern century or that they will take us to Egypt. People don’t want to go to Egypt. The sounds of bombing are non-stop and getting closer every day,” says Daiana.

In a message to governments around the world, she warned that a massacre was “imminent” and called for help.

“To all free people, what else do you want to see to stop this, do you want to see Israeli tanks trampling over our bodies?” she asked.

“If people wanted to stop this, they would.”

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