Israeli hostages rescued from Rafah claim they were not given their medication while in captivity

A Palestinian man examines traces of an Israeli airstrike in Rafah on February 12, 2024 – Photo: Ibrahim Abu Mustafa / Reuters

The Israeli hostages freed from Rafah were not given medication in captivity, despite the fact that this should have happened according to the Qatari-mediated agreement, claims a relative of one of the freed hostages. “We handed over all the necessary drugs as part of the last drug deal,” the woman told Israel’s army radio. Their freed relatives said they never received anything and were surprised to learn that there was such a deal. The two men were rescued during an IDF operation in Rafah early Monday morning.


It obtained a document according to which France submitted a written proposal to Beirut regarding the Lebanese-Israeli ceasefire and the settlement of the border between the two countries. Based on this, Hezbollah units would withdraw 10 kilometers from the border.

The plan aims to end the fighting between Iran-backed Hezbollah and Israel, which has been running parallel to the war in Gaza on the border.


Dozens of Hamas members have been killed by Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip over the past day, mainly in Han Yunis, where most of the fighting is taking place, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in its morning report. “operational control”. Also in Han Yunis, Israeli troops killed two Hamas operatives who were trying to operate under the guise of a civilian group.


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