Israel-Hamas war: The results in figures, one month after the terrorist attack of October 7

INTERNATIONAL – It all started with the worst attack to occur in Israel since its creation in 1948. A month ago, on October 7, Hamas attackers crossed the border between the Gaza Strip and the Jewish state. What followed was a military and geopolitical spiral whose consequences have been evolving day after day.

In the video that you can see at the top of the article, HuffPost takes stock of a month of war in figures, based on data communicated by the Israeli government, its army, the United Nations and the Ministry of Health. Let us specify here that the figures published by the latter, particularly with regard to the victims of Israeli bombings, are contested by many Western countries, but are the only ones from the Gaza Strip.

On the 31st day of this war, Monday November 6, UN officials called for a “immediate humanitarian ceasefire”emphasizing their indignation at the toll of civilian victims, without counting the number ” record “ of 88 UN personnel killed in Gaza. France, which for its part is calling for a “humanitarian truce”, plans to organize as part of the sixth edition of the , in which Emmanuel Macron will participate.

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