Israel-Gaza, US veto on UN resolution: the reactions

There is a succession of reactions to the veto placed by the United States on the text of the United Nations Security Council resolution for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

“With its veto, the United States has shown callous disregard for the suffering of civilians in the face of shocking death tolls, widespread destruction, and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the occupied Gaza Strip,” the indictment said. by Agnes Callamard, general secretary of Amnesty International.

“The US has brandished the veto as a weapon against the Security Council, further undermining its credibility and ability to fulfill its mandate to maintain international peace and security – he denounced – There can be no justification for continuing to prevent a “concrete action by the Security Council to stop this enormous bloodbath of civilians. The use of the veto is morally indefensible. The USA has failed in its duty to prevent atrocious crimes and uphold international law.”

According to Callamard, “in addition to preventing the adoption of a ceasefire that would have put an end to the suffering of the civilian population of Gaza, contributed to the return home of the hostages and calmed the tensions that are multiplying in that region, the US is continuing to transfer ammunition to the Israeli government that contributes to decimating entire families.”

The reaction of Avril Benoit, general director of, was also very harsh Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the United States: “As bombs continue to fall on Palestinian civilians and cause widespread destruction, the United States has once again used its power to block the United Nations Security Council’s attempt to call for a ceasefire. fire in Gaza. By vetoing this resolution, the United States is the only one voting against humanity, while also becoming complicit in the carnage in Gaza.”

“The United States’ veto stands in stark contrast to the values ​​it professes to uphold. By continuing to provide diplomatic cover for the ongoing atrocities in Gaza, the United States is sending two clear signals: international humanitarian law can be applied selectively and Some people’s lives matter less than others,” Benoit added.

“Israel is continuing to indiscriminately attack people and civilian structures and impose a siege that amounts to collective punishment for the entire population of Gaza, forced into mass displacement. Israel is also denying access to medical care and humanitarian assistance, today more more vital than ever in Gaza. The United States continues to provide political and financial support to Israel as it carries out its military operations regardless of the terrible cost to civilians. In order for humanitarian workers to be able to respond to the immense needs, MSF calls for a cease fire now,” he concluded.

The Foreign Minister of Israel Eli Cohen thanked the United States on X for the veto. According to Cohen, who also accused the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, of having a “biased and partisan position”, “a ceasefire at this time would avoid the collapse of the terrorist organization Hamas, which is committing crimes of war and crimes against humanity, and would allow it to continue to govern the Gaza Strip.” The Foreign Minister then expressed “gratitude to our ally, the United States, for its support in continuing the fight to bring the hostages home and eliminate the terrorist organization Hamas, which will bring a better future to the region.”

Hamas Strongly condemned the US veto that blocked the UN Security Council resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The Palestinian formation, Izzat al-Risheq – member of the political office said in a note – considers Washington’s move “unethical and inhuman”. “The US obstruction of passing a ceasefire resolution is a direct participation with the occupation in killing our people and committing further massacres and ethnic cleansing,” al-Risheq said.

“Deep disappointment” was expressed by China for the US veto of the UN resolution. The resolution “reflects the universal appeal of the international community and represents the right direction for restoring peace”, said the Chinese ambassador to the UN, Zhang Jun, quoted by state television CGTN. “China fully supports this and has joined the push for this draft resolution,” Zhang added, accusing Washington of using “double standards” by talking about the protection of women, children and human rights and, in reality, “allowing “the continuation of the conflict. The Chinese diplomat then called on Israel to end the “collective punishment of the people of Gaza.”

L’Iran he warned of the risk of an “uncontrollable explosion” of the situation in the Middle East, after the US veto. “As long as America supports the crimes of the Zionist regime and the continuation of the war, there is the possibility of an uncontrollable explosion of the situation in the region,” said Tehran’s diplomatic chief, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, during a phone call with Guterres, according to a note from the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

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