Iran celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution traditionally – by burning the flags of the USA and Israel

Today, the people of Iran commemorated the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Political, military and spiritual leaders of the country, including President Ebráhím Raisí, took part in massive processions in Tehran. Revolutionary and religious slogans were heard there, people in processions carried Iranian flags and, on the other hand, burned the flags of their arch-enemies, that is, the United States and Israel, the AP agency reported.


Protesters burn Israeli and American flags during their annual rally to commemorate Iran’s Islamic Revolution in Tehran, Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024.

Footage from Iranian state television showed crowds of people on the streets of the capital, Tehran. According to state media, the processions were all over the country and were attended by millions of people, the DPA agency reported. But the majority of ordinary Iranians were indifferent to today’s celebrations, adds the German agency. The American AP informs about thousands of participants, individual streams were heading towards the main square. Burning enemy flags is common at Iranian pro-government rallies, according to the AP.

In his speech, Raisi called for an end to the bombing of the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces. They invaded the area after the radical Palestinian movement Hamas attacked Israel last October 7. Iran is a supporter of Hamas, they are united by their hatred of Israel. Raisi asked the UN to “expel the Zionist regime”, to which the enthusiastic crowd responded with the words “death to Israel”, the AP describes the events in Tehran. Iran’s military also unveiled its latest ballistic missiles today.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran on February 11, 1979 overthrew the autocratic regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and brought the Shia clergy to power. The establishment of the republic and the country’s official leaning towards Islamic teachings were accompanied by violence and repression by the new regime.

In recent years, the Iranian leadership’s relations with the West have deteriorated dramatically. The reason is Tehran’s controversial nuclear program, human rights violations and Iran’s support for militant groups in the Middle East.

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