In Ukraine, the incredible story of “Puma”, this heroine who will save children behind Russian lines

BIG REPORT – In Kherson, Bakhmout, Mariupol or Avdiivka, Oksana Volzhyna, a former Russian model, and her friend Micha scour war zones where civilians are trapped by the fighting, to evacuate them to secure areas.

  • Special envoy to Semypolsky and Bila Tsverkva,

Lost in the middle of snowy fields, on the edge of a forest, stands a large building made of wooden logs. Semypolsky’s “Seven Fields” school seems straight out of a fairy tale. Micro-confetti on the map of Ukraine, the small village is so isolated that the Russians did not cross it during their . It was thus spared from the massacres which struck the neighboring towns of Brovary and .

Ex-Russian model, the hostess, Oksana Volzhyna experienced the crazy years which accompanied the collapse of the Soviet empire. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, she has distinguished herself by a bravery flirting with unconsciousness.

For the forty students in her establishment, this 50-year-old short-haired blonde, with a slender and athletic figure, is a fairy: she went to save them in Oleshky, opposite , behind the Russian lines, snatching them with their parents in the clutches of the occupiers, or in Bakhmout, a few meters from enemy positions, under deluges of bombs, where no Ukrainian soldier or rescuer went anymore.

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