“I made her money”

Always ready to take credit for the success of others, Donald Trump says Taylor Swift would be “ungrateful” – because he made her “so much money” – if she endorsed Joe Biden for the White House. Thus the former president, in a post on Truth about the American queen of pop, who according to many with her influence on young people will be able to determine the outcome of the November elections, claims that it was he who signed the Music Modernization Act which regularized the copyright issue for artists in the streaming era.

Swift and Biden’s endorsement in 2020

“Joe Biden has done nothing for Taylor Swift and never will – he added – it is not possible that she could support Joe Biden the cheater, the worst and most corrupt president in the history of our country, and it would be disloyal to the man that made her make so much money.”

In 2020 Swift – who never hid her intolerance towards Trump during his presidency – gave her endorsement to Biden and also this year the Democratic campaign is trying to secure the crucial support of the pop singer, with the possibility – according to what revealed in recent days by the New York Times – of Biden’s participation in one of the artist’s Eras Tour concerts.

The Super Bowl ‘conspiracy’

Trump’s post arrived a few hours after the Super Bowl final, which ended with the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49ers, and Swift’s highly anticipated kiss on the field – arriving directly from Tokyo where she performed on Saturday night – with boyfriend Travis Kelce, player of the Kansas City Chiefs. The tycoon also addressed him: “I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though I think he’s a liberal and probably can’t stand me.”

In recent weeks, several right-wing media outlets had relaunched conspiracy theories regarding a possible engineered victory for Kelce’s team at the Super Bowl, to give the singer and her boyfriend the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to give their endorsement to Biden.

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