Globus charges 3 francs for a croissant


Inflation?“De Summit!”: At Globus, a croissant costs three francs

The department store’s prices attract criticism and cynical comments. Elsewhere, croissants are even more expensive.

Fabian Pöschl

Globus Prizes: That’s what it’s all about

  • At Globus, a croissant costs three francs.

  • Many find the price too high.

  • Other providers are significantly cheaper.

Globus is currently in the headlines mainly because of its fallen owner René Benko. But at the department store, high prices are also a source of excitement.

20 Minutes reported on a watermelon that costs over 100 francs. Now the Globus croissant prices are causing criticism on social media. A croissant costs three francs at the Globus temporary facility at Bellevue in Zurich reported with reference to a Facebook post.

“Dusted with gold powder?”

Many find the price significantly too high. “Globe. Everything is twice as expensive there as anywhere else,” writes one user. Another cynically asks whether the croissant was dusted with gold powder. “That’s the summit,” commented another user.

Despite inflation: Many providers are significantly cheaper. “My Beck is currently still at 1.50,” writes one user. At the Stocker bakery in Zurich, a croissant costs 1.40 francs.

Globus spokeswoman Franziska Gämperle told 20 Minuten: “For a croissant of the quality class we offer at Globus Bellevue, that’s not an unusual price.”

Croissants for 3.60 francs take three days

But it’s even more expensive. In the Facebook group, a user refers to the Collective Bakery in Zurich. A croissant there costs 3.60 francs (see photo).

Croissant for 3.60 francs

Croissant for 3.60 francs

20 minutes/Fabian Pöschl

Those responsible at Collective Bakery will provide the reasons for the price upon request. The bakery only uses natural and fresh ingredients from Switzerland and avoids artificial flavors, preservatives and additives.

She also bakes using traditional methods and stretches and folds the dough by hand. A slow dough process ensures an intense taste and an airy texture. The bakers then portion and roll each individual croissant, as they say. Ultimately, it takes around three days until the finished croissant is on the shop floor.

Café Crème is more expensive than ever before

The price of a Café Crème is also skyrocketing. In 2023 it cost an average of 4.49 francs in a café or bakery, which is more than ever before. The price is highest in the canton of Zurich at 4.69 francs per cup. A cafeteria even charges 6.50 francs.

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