From politics to the Super Bowl. Biden created a profile on TikTok before the election

US President Joe Biden set up a profile on the TikTok social network on Sunday and published his first 26-second video there. The platform provides an opportunity to reach out to mostly young voters before the presidential elections, which will be held in the USA in November. TASR informs about it based on the AFP report.


President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden walk on the White House lawn late Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024, in Washington after returning from a trip to Delaware.

TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, and many American politicians have accused it in recent years of spreading Chinese government propaganda, which the company has repeatedly denied. The most significant criticism came from the ranks of the Republican Party, but also from members of the Biden administration.

At the same time, several states and the US federal government have banned the use of the application on government devices. The state of Montana even wanted to ban it completely, but the US court blocked it last December.

From politics to the Super Bowl

In his first video on the @bidenhq profile, Biden comments on various topics from politics to the finals of the American Football League, the so-called Super Bowl.

He said, for example, that he prefers to watch the football itself rather than the special commercials and music performances that take place during the breaks, which this year will include, for example, the American singer Usher.

Biden was also asked in the video if there was a secret conspiracy to rig Sunday’s game so that the Kansas City Chiefs won. American football player Travis Kelce, who is currently dating American pop singer Taylor Swift, plays in this team. According to the claims of the conspirators, in exchange for the victory, she was supposed to support Biden in the elections, which did not happen despite the victory of this team on Sunday. The president jokingly replied, “If I told you, I’d get in trouble.”

The video ends with the question of whether Biden prefers himself or Republican candidate Donald Trump. “Are you joking? Biden,” he replied with a laugh.

Although Washington continues to closely scrutinize TikTok, further action at the federal level does not appear to be forthcoming. “Now it seems that the ban was pushed more to score political points and that it was not a serious legislative effort,” civil rights advocate David Greene told the British newspaper The Guardian in this regard.

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