France evacuated 42 people from the Gaza Strip

He urged lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians through the implementation of a two-state solution Joe Biden US President and II. Abdullah the King of Jordan in their statements after their meeting at the White House on Monday.

Joe Biden explained that they are working to reach an agreement to allow the release of the hostages held by Hamas, which would allow for a six-week ceasefire. This would give time to develop a more permanent solution, he added. The president stated that the key elements of the agreement are on the table, but there are differences of opinion. He also stressed that he urges Israel to work on reaching an agreement.

Joe Biden mentioned the release of the hostages, the elimination of the terrorist threat to Israel, and lasting peace with a two-state solution among the elements of the conflict resolution.
He reiterated that a large-scale military operation by Israel cannot take place in the southern Gaza city of Rafah without a credible plan that guarantees the security and support of Palestinian civilians.

II. In a statement after the meeting, King Abdullah of Jordan called the past four months of the Israeli-Palestinian armed conflict one of the most destructive wars in the Middle East and said Israel cannot carry out another large-scale attack. He demanded an immediate permanent cease-fire and that aid should enter the Gaza Strip through all possible border crossings.

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