First the Superbowl halftime show, then the wedding?


Las VegasDid Usher get married after the Super Bowl?

Apparently the singer married girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea after his halftime show.

  • Usher put on probably the greatest show of his life at the Super Bowl.

  • Now, multiple sources are reporting that the singer married his long-time girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea in Las Vegas following the Super Bowl.

  • The two were spotted in striking white outfits at a party after the Super Bowl.

Usher (45) is said to have married, as “People” has confirmed from several sources. While the musician performed one of the most important shows of his life last Sunday at the halftime show of Super Bowl LVIII, he tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea (40) in Las Vegas on the same weekend.

Accordingly, the musician and the manager are said to have received a marriage license three days before the NFL championship, as “People” writes. The wedding is said to have taken place directly after the Super Bowl. Usher has not yet commented on the rumors.

Pants suit and fur coat as wedding outfits?

After the game, the couple was spotted partying in Las Vegas and photographed, with Usher wearing a gold ring on his left ring finger. The outfits of the two lovebirds were also strikingly glamorous – and strikingly white: Goicoechea wore a white pantsuit with wide legs and an off-the-shoulder jacket, Usher wore a black tuxedo, which was covered by a floor-length white fur coat.

Usher recently spoke publicly about how happy he is in his relationship. In an exclusive conversation with People, he said it was an honor and a pleasure to “share life with someone who wants to share it with you and loves you for who you are.” He continued: “We are obviously committed to living together for life because of our children. It wouldn’t be strange if we got married. We’ve already done that.”

First his best friend, now his partner

Usher also opened up about the beginning of his relationship. The two got to know each other better in 2018 after he took a trip around the world to find himself: “I started this journey, I found and met an amazing partner who happened to be my best friend and was there the whole time, and I thought, wow, this could be great.”

Here you can see an excerpt from Usher’s Superbowl performance.


Usher and the music manager had been friends for a long time. Dating rumors first surfaced in June 2019 when the two were photographed together at a party. In 2020, the two welcomed their first child together, daughter Sovereign Bo, and son Sire Castrello was born the next year. Usher already has two sons with his ex-wife Tameka Foster (53), Usher V (16) and Naviyd Ely (15).

Rumored guest appearance with Alicia Keys

The news about Usher’s alleged wedding should also quell the rumors that heated up after his performance with Alicia Keys (43) at the Super Bowl: During their guest appearance, the singer stood close behind Keys and hugged her tightly while she hugged him nestled. Fans were already worried about Key’s marriage, which her husband, Swizz Beatz (45), confidently countered. He supported his wife on Instagram: “You’re all talking about the damn wrong thing! Y’all don’t see the amazing dress that covers the entire stadium! Today’s performance was nothing short of amazing with two incredible giants!” he wrote.

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