Father kills two sons and wife in Sicily


Sicily“Wanted to free her from demons”: Father kills wife and two sons

Near Palermo, a father killed his two sons and his wife. The investigators are also investigating the connection to a sect.

Reto Bollmann
  • In Sicily, a man killed his wife and two sons, aged five and 16.

  • His 17-year-old daughter managed to escape.

  • The man apparently gave religious reasons for his crime to the carabinieri.

A homicide shocks Italy: On the island of Sicily in Altavilla Milicia (near Palermo), a family man killed his five- and 16-year-old sons and his wife on Friday. 54-year-old Giovanni Barreca was arrested and has confessed, as the “Corriere della Sera” reports. Barreca’s 17-year-old daughter was able to escape and call for help.

Is there any connection to a cult?

The carabinieri are apparently investigating a religious motive on the part of the perpetrator, as he published numerous Facebook posts that suggested a religious obsession. After the triple murder, Barreca told the officials that he wanted to “free the demons” from those killed, writes the “Corriere”. The connection to a sect is also being investigated.

After Barreca killed the family members, he apparently called the police, confessed his crime and warned that he would be waiting for them in a nearby village. He was arrested there. What role two of Barreca’s acquaintances, who were also arrested, might have played in the crime remains a mystery.

Possible complicity

On Sunday morning, both Giovanni Barreca and the couple suspected of complicity were interrogated at the Carabinieri base in Bagheria. The investigation is coordinated by the Termini Imerese Public Prosecutor’s Office and carried out by the Carabinieri.

For the aunt and grandmother of the mother of the family who was killed, the tragedy came completely unexpectedly: “He was very religious. He worked a lot. She was a nurse. He tried to please her in everything. We still can’t understand it.”

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