Faced with a lack of soldiers on the front, Ukraine seeks to expand mobilization

Volodymyr Zelensky said in December that the army had asked him to mobilize up to 500,000 additional people.

DECRYPTION – In difficulty, kyiv wants to relieve its exhausted recruits. A bill was passed on February 7 to specify the new rules which should strengthen the units, but the text remains vague on the demobilization of those who have been fighting for a long time.


In August 2023, Andriy took a few days of vacation to finally rest in the Carpathians, in the middle of the mountains. But while going for a walk, this humanitarian – whose first name has been changed – was arrested by soldiers at the bus stop. Head to the recruitment office to check if the thirty-year-old can be mobilized: no health restrictions, his company does not have it “reserve” as essential. A doctor is urgently dispatched to pass the medical board. Result? Declared fit. The same evening, Andriy will sleep at the base, with his hiking bag. Became a soldier overnight. If it remains illegal, several days having to separate all these administrative procedures, this practice is more and more widespread, where mobilization is in full swing to relieve.

“I’m not really angry. The method was wrong, but I understand why they do that”whispers the soldier questioned

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