A matter for national authorities, the Hungarian government is the European Commission’s chief spokesperson. Eric Mamer of Euronews encouraged all Hungarians to use the resources of the European Commission if they want information about EU policy.

The paper’s Brussels correspondent was interested in the EU body’s opinion on such issues as, for example, that “Brussels” wants “migrant ghettos” (the accepted position of the member states, which is that asylum seekers who are believed to be unfounded should be kept at the border and treated with an accelerated procedure, ) or the EU gave money to Hamas.

They will not comment on everything that is in the consultation, but “as I do, you know how

these claims are completely untrue”

Eric Mamer replied at the European Commission’s daily press conference. They are sure that the Hungarian public can be well informed about EU policies and what the EU is doing thanks to our “excellent press materials” and their representations in the member states.

His correspondent reminded the spokesperson: there was an example during the time of the previous commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, that the body responded in detail to a national consultation. Like his current successor, Ursula von der Leyen, posters were put up about the politician in Hungary (then with György Soros, now with his son Alex).

“We trust in the intelligence of the Hungarian public”

Eric Mamer said in his answer. About the posters

“I showed the pictures to the president, his eyes didn’t even blink”, they weren’t bothered by the posters at all. “We know that this is not the first case, probably not the last, but we have to

we have to deal with crises.” Hungary is part of the EU, it sits at the table in the European Council made up of heads of state and government, in the Council of Ministers, in the European Parliament, he added. (For example, about the fact that Viktor Orbán also passed the country-specific recommendations, from which the national consultation fears the official prices compensated from taxpayers’ money, i.e. the “utility reduction”, previously. The government had previously also submitted the proposals at the ministerial level, although in a separate statement it complained, among other things, that , that they are too “prescriptive”. The document, which was unanimously accepted by all member states and not by “Brussels”, by the way, requested that the Hungarian government encourage energy efficiency by reforming the official energy prices and at the same time provide targeted support to low-income earners.)

Eric Mamer is not aware of any professional relationship between Alex Soros and Ursula von der Leyen. To a question about anti-Semitism, he added in general that it is not tolerated in the EU. Eric Mamer did not give an answer even though he was asked by , whether according to the spokesperson, the campaign also has such overtones.

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