Estonia | Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas is wanted by Russia

Russia has been announced by the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallasen wanted. For example, the news agency AFP and the Russian tell about it Interfax.

The information about Kallas’ wanted notice apparently comes from Mediazone from leaking from the database of the Ministry of the Interior. The leaked material shows that the same list of wanted persons includes, for example, the State Secretary of Estonia Taimar Peterkop.

According to Russia, the Search Notices for Kallas and Peterkop would have been issued under the Criminal Code.

According to an official source who spoke to the Russian news agency Tassi, the alleged crime was related to the destruction and damage of Soviet-era monuments. Estonia deleted several monuments erected during the Soviet Union during 2022.

Nexta writes that several high-ranking persons of the Ukrainian army would also be on the wanted list.

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