ED officer Ankit Tiwari arrested for bribery in Tamil Nadu

As the internet buzzes with curiosity about Ankit Tiwari, we provide a comprehensive update on the latest happenings surrounding him. The following article provides an in-depth look at Tiwari’s recent headlines, as sought after by the public.

Understanding who Ankit Tiwari is

Ankit Tiwari, an Enforcement Directorate (ED) officer, was taken into custody by the Tamil Nadu Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) last Friday. The officer had been apprehended in the act of accepting a bribe amounting to ₹20 lakh from a medical professional in the Dindigul district, according to the DVAC. An official communication from the authorities stated that Tiwari and his team of Enforcement Directorate agents were allegedly intimidating individuals and soliciting money under the pretext of resolving issues within the Enforcement Directorate. The Tamil Nadu DVAC, in its official communication, confirmed that investigations were underway to determine if he had manipulated or threatened any other officials using the same method to amass substantial sums of money, all under the guise of the Enforcement Directorate.

A member of the 2016 batch of officers, Tiwari has served in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. According to a formal communication issued by the DVAC in Chennai, Tiwari is currently appointed as an enforcement officer at the Madurai office of the Enforcement Department, a position held under the Union government. The DVAC communication also referred to a case previously registered against Tiwari in the Dindigul Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Department, which has since been addressed. Tiwari had reached out to a government employee in Dindigul on October 29, 2023, as indicated in the release.

Furthermore, Tiwari notified the government employee that orders for an investigation into the issue had been initiated by the Prime Minister’s Office for the Enforcement Department. Tiwari instructed the government official to appear at the Enforcement Directorate’s Madurai headquarters on October 30, 2023. Subsequently, when the government employee made his way to Madurai, Tiwari joined him in his vehicle and proposed a resolution to the issue. He suggested that the employee could evade court proceedings by paying ₹3 crore. Tiwari then informed the government employee that he had consulted with his superiors and they had chosen to accept a bribe of ₹51 lakh. The government employee handed over the first instalment of the bribe, which came to ₹20 lakh, on November 1, 2023.

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