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Eastern border | Finland’s situation, at least for the time being, is not visible on the border between Norway and Russia

Finland the authorities have taken drastic measures in recent days due to the situation on the eastern border. Due to Russia’s activities, more asylum seekers than usual have arrived at the eastern border during the fall.

In Norway, at least so far, no similar phenomenon has been observed as in Finland. It has been calm on the border between Norway and Russia.

Finland’s decision last week to close four border crossings in northeastern Finland does not seem to have increased traffic to Norway either.

Finland the situation on the eastern border is not visible at all at the Storskog border crossing in northeastern Norway, the customs manager tells HS. According to him, traffic at the Storskog border station was completely normal on Tuesday.

Also Chief of Staff of the Finnmark Police Region in Northern Norway Tarjei Sirma-Tellefsen stated on Monday that traffic on the border between Norway and Russia in Storskog is normal.

“We monitor traffic and events in Finland closely. We know that the situation can change quickly and we have a backup plan for that,” said Sirma-Tellefsen For the Norwegian public broadcasting company NRK.

Last week Minister of Justice of Norway Emilie Enger Mehl stated that the border may have to be closed at short notice.

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