Dengue, after Brazil the alarm spreads to Argentina

Not just Brazil. The Dengue alarm in South America extends to Argentina, where the mosquito-borne infection has been detected in more than half of the country’s provinces. The Ministry of Health spoke about 39,544 cases registered and 29 related deaths. Approximately 14 of Argentina’s 24 provinces have reported viral circulation in their territory: all provinces in the central and north-eastern regions and 5 provinces in the north-west of the country, the ministry said.

According to the National Ministerial Epidemiological Bulletin, in Argentina at the beginning of February 36,765 cases of locally transmitted Dengue were registered, 1,813 important cases and another 966 under investigation. From late August 2023 to early February 2024, the transmission rate was 86 cases per 100,000 inhabitants nationwide.

In Brazil over 500 thousand cases, 4 times last year

Dengue cases in Brazil have exceeded half a million. According to the latest data released by the South American country’s Ministry of Health, updated to February 12, there are 512,353 suspected cases registered in the first 6 weeks of 2024: almost quadruple compared to the 128,842 last year. Dengue deaths confirmed since the beginning of the year have been 75 and investigations are underway on another 350. The state of Minas Gerais is the most affected (around 171 thousand suspected cases), followed by Sao Paulo (over 83,651), Federal District (64,403) , Paraná (55,532), Rio de Janeiro (39,315), Goiás (31,809), Espírito Santo (14,107) and Santa Catarina (12,470), local media report. Brazil launched a mass vaccination campaign against the infection transmitted by mosquitoes last Friday, starting with children aged 10-11 years.

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