Continuing education in Hungarian is starting in Austria, so that he can be a good forklift driver

All employees of Austrian companies can participate in the two-day course, and VOEB wants to offer a kind of solution to the shortage of forklift workers. Moreover, depending on the success of the initiative, they plan to start a course in Serbian later.

Their problem is that although there are many Hungarians working in Austria, only a few of them have advanced training and forklift licenses in accordance with Austrian rules. Especially in Lower Austria and Burgenland, obtaining this is an obstacle for many employees due to language difficulties, because they do not speak enough German to be able to pass it without problems.

The course is open to all interested companies in Austria, and will be held on March 7 and 8 in Bruck an der Leitha, a settlement close to the Hungarian border. In two days, they can learn the most important skills required for operating a forklift – from practical driving to securing loads and picking up loads.

Until the exam – because it will happen – future forklift drivers will have to study at home. Registering for the course costs EUR 390 net for VOEB members (approx. HUF 150,000), EUR 520 for non-members, i.e. approx. It costs HUF 200,000 plus 20 percent VAT. The president indicated that well-trained professionals are essential in the recycling industry and they offer crisis-proof jobs.

Mónika Hegedűs lives in Salzburg and has been working as a forklift operator in Austria for three years. He also confirmed his experience to Telex, which one explained that he had previously completed this exam in German without practice. He had to speak, where he was also asked the technical words. He succeeded, but by his own admission it was difficult.

“Almost all of my Austrian colleagues could take the written exam. I have never needed the German language during the last two and a half years while driving a forklift. In my current workplace, the fact that I have education and experience is considered almost special.”

The Association of Austrian Waste Management Companies (VOEB) is the voluntary representation of the interests of commercial waste and resource management companies in Austria. The association currently represents more than 250 member companies and thus represents two-thirds of the private waste management companies in Austria. The industry directly and indirectly employs around 43,000 people and generates a turnover of 4 billion euros annually.

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