Cecília Esztergályos confessed about the secret of her long marriage: they are still happy after 40 years – video

After nearly forty years, the atmosphere between Cecília Esztergályos and her husband, Péter, is still warm. The Kossuth and Jászai Mari prize-winning actress lives in great love with her lover, with whom they are still in love to this day.

“Love?” There is nothing wrong with that! You’re either in love or you’re not – said Cecília Esztergályos in the Címlapstori program of Blikk TV. – Dear Dr. Péter Fonyódi my husband of 39 years now! What is the secret of a happy marriage? Leave the other one! To let live, to breathe, to live! Love, love, love! If you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. You can see on the other person’s face what is written on them, that they have a problem. You don’t have to ask, everyone tells the other what they want anyway. You have to love the way you look, your thoughts, your body, everything – said the actress, adding that they can keep the old fire going even at the age of 81 and 77.

Cecília Esztergályos: I no longer care what I see in the mirror

The former protagonist of Família Kft. does not deny that they sometimes used to argue, but this also gives their relationship a special essence, and they don’t even sleep in the same bed.

– We sleep separately, of course, because old people shouldn’t be allowed to sleep together, everyone sleeps as best they can. He was a drummer, the rhythm is in his ears, in his being. He used to play the drums and it drives me crazy because I can’t hear what he hears because he hears the music. I loved it, that’s how I fell in love. If we argue, I go into the room, calm down, then we move on and there is peace between us he revealed.

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