Breaking! Judit Varga’s ex-husband has announced that he is resigning from his state positions, he went after Viktor Orbán and Antal Rogán as well!

Here is the announcement published on Péter Magyar’s social media page, verbatim:

“Today I am submitting my resignation from my position in both state-owned companies. I am also resigning from my supervisory board membership in the partially state-owned MBH Bank Nyrt. There are non-professional reasons behind my resignation.

I don’t want for one minute to be a part of a system in which the real people in charge hide behind women’s skirts, where Tónik, Ádám and Barbara can laugh happily into their fists, while without thinking they sacrifice those who, unlike them, never worked for their own material interests, but for the sake of their country and their fellow countrymen.

For a long time I believed in an idea, the national, sovereign, civil Hungary, and for many years I tried to contribute with my modest means to its realization. But over the last few years, I had to slowly and finally realize that all of this is really just a political product, a sugar coating that serves only two purposes, to cover up the operation of the power factory and to acquire enormous amounts of wealth.

I believe that Hungary is not the country of the Antals Rogán, not the oligarchs and not even a few influential families, but the country of the János Hunyadi, István Széchenyi, Ignác Semmelweis, István Bethlen, Miklós Radnóti, Margit Slachta, Sándor Márai, the freedom fighters of 56 , the Hungarian homeland of Ludas Matyik and all good things.

The words of our first freely elected prime minister have been ringing in my ears since I was 12 years old: “I serve, and I will serve as long as the nation benefits from it. I will do it while I can.”

Do not be afraid! Nothing lasts forever, we didn’t become Turks in one hundred and fifty years.”

Who are they?

As we wrote at the time, the marriage of Judit Varga and Péter Magyar was almost suitable for a movie, they got to know each other at a young age. Already in their twenties, they decided that they both wanted a big family, and in this they found a perfect partner in each other. First one of them, then the other, stepped back so that their partner could build his career. During their years in Brussels – where Judit Varga worked in the EP as a political consultant from 2009 – their two younger children were born (they have three children in total) and first Péter and then Judit stayed at home with the little ones. Despite the difficulties – even if in different spheres – they climbed the ranks together: Judit Varga became the Minister of Justice, a Member of Parliament until her resignation and the Fidesz EP candidate and leader of the list. Péter Magyar became the president of the Student Loan Center in 2018; he left there to join the board of directors of Magyar Közút, and then became a member of the supervisory board of MBH Bank, last year he also got a position at Volánbusz. They parted ways with Judit Varga, but this post, which also matches the current statement, is not only a serious criticism of the system, but also a spectacular stand for his wife, the mother of his children.

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