Beyoncé surprises with a double release at the Superbowl


US singerBeyoncé surprises with country music release at halftime

A number of mega stars sat in the audience at the Superbowl on Sunday. However, Beyoncé stole the show during halftime when she released two new songs.

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  • The annual Superbowl took place on Sunday.

  • There were a number of A-class celebrities in the audience such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

  • During halftime, Beyoncé released two unannounced songs.

In addition to the two best football teams in the NFL, some of the most famous faces from the celebrity world also appear at the annual Superbowl. Taylor Swift (34) was the center of attention this year, which was to be expected given her current tour and relationship with Chiefs star and Superbowl winner Travis Kelce (34). However, singer Beyoncé (42) also caused a stir when she released two new songs during halftime.

Beyoncé’s Superbowl surprise release

Singer Beyoncé surprised her fans when she released two new songs during the Superbowl. The songs “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” are part of the second part of their “Renaissance” album, which will be released on March 29th. According to Beyoncé, there will be three parts in total, with the first being released in July 2022.

It appears that the 42-year-old was able to negotiate a lucrative advertising deal with telecommunications provider Verizon, because at the end of her Superbowl ad, where Beyoncé is the focus, the singer says: “Okay, they’re ready! Drop the new music.” Shortly afterwards she released the two songs and the announcement of her new album.

Beyoncé herself has already performed at the mega event twice, once in 2013 and once in 2016. Her husband and rapper Jay-Z (54), who was also in the audience with their daughters Blue Ivy (12) and Rumi (6), was also in the audience As the founder of “Roc Nation”, he was responsible for the halftime show and personally selected singer Usher for the performance. Jay-Z previously told US media: “Usher is the ultimate artist and showman.”

Beyoncé surprises with a double release at the Superbowl

Usher’s halftime show doesn’t excite everyone

However, the internet doesn’t seem quite as convinced by Usher’s performance. Some fans accused him of using playback or were generally disappointed with his performance. For example, one user wrote under the appearance: “I’m sorry, but that was disappointing.” Justin (29) and Hailey Bieber (27) don’t seem to agree, so the official NFL-X account posted a video of the two “dancing” to Usher’s performance.

Other celebrities in the audience included Lady Gaga (37) and her boyfriend Michael Polansky. Judging by their outfits, both supported the 49ers.

Without a clear team affiliation, Gwen Stefani (54) and husband Blake Shelton (47), Oscar winner Jared Leto (52), rapper and actress Queen Latifah (53), tech billionaire Elon Musk (52), presenter Jimmy Kimmel ( 56), the British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (57) and Ryan Reynolds’ (47) wife Blake Lively (36) appeared. However, the latter cheered alongside her good friend Taylor Swift – and therefore for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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