Bern: He got into trouble because of an old handprint


Curious case in BernHe got into trouble because of an old handprint

A man was accused of trying to break into a Bernese company in 2011. However, a convincing argument exonerates him.

Simon Ulrich
  • During investigations into a current case, it emerged that the accused had already left his handprint in connection with an attempted burglary in 2011.

  • However, the man stated that he worked for the company in question at the time – which is demonstrably true.

  • The public prosecutor’s office therefore refrains from prosecuting the case.

Because Dino C.* broke into several shops and used public transport without a valid ticket, the Bern-Mittelland public prosecutor’s office found him guilty of, among other things, trespassing, theft and violating the Passenger Transport Act. He must pay a fine of 1,050 francs, a fine of 1,500 francs and fees of 650 francs, for a total of 3,200 francs. This emerges from the penalty order, which was published in the current edition of the Official Gazette.

What is more interesting, however, is what the 31-year-old is not prosecuted for. During the investigation it turned out that a handprint from an attempted break-in at a print shop in 2011 also came from him. At that time, the perpetrators wanted to break into the company building through the supplier entrance.

The locked roller shutters were lifted up, a hole was drilled next to the door’s locking cylinder and an attempt was made to break open the cylinder – which was unsuccessful and whereupon the unknown person abandoned the plan.

The accused was an employee

Dino C.* was able to provide a convincing explanation as to why his handprint was found on the right wing of the door. He worked in that printing shop and regularly went in and out of the said door. Furthermore, he had no reason to break in since he had a key to the building.

The investigations by the Bern cantonal police revealed that Dino C. actually worked for the damaged company. From when exactly it could no longer be determined. However, the accused had already completed his apprenticeship there and his employment relationship was only terminated on July 31, 2016.

It is therefore “extremely unlikely that the accused had anything to do with the attempted burglary,” writes the public prosecutor’s office. For this reason, no criminal proceedings will be initiated regarding the accusation of attempted burglary.

Bern: He got into trouble because of an old handprint

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