Azeri and Armenian soldiers shot each other on the Azeri-Armenian border, several were killed

February 13, 2024 – 10:02 am

A firefight broke out between Armenian and Azeri soldiers, according to Yerevan’s statement on Tuesday, the Azeris shot two Armenian soldiers in the Syunik region of southern Armenia, bordering Azerbaijan. According to the statement of the Armenian Ministry of Defense, the Azeri soldiers opened fire on the Armenian units stationed at the Nerkin Hand settlement, and several wounded are known.

The Azeri Ministry of Defense accused the Armenian side of opening fire on Monday evening towards Koxanebi on the Azeri side of the border. Yerevan denied Baku’s claims.
The incident took place shortly after the re-election of Azeri President Ilham Aliyev.

Aliyev received 92.12 percent of the votes after Azerbaijan occupied the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh, which was still mostly inhabited by Armenians and officially belonged to Azerbaijan, in a one-day blitzkrieg last September.

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