After the resignation of Katalin Novák, the MSZP would amend the Basic Law

As they write, “the activities of the presidents of the republic elected by Fidesz and KDNP since 2010 clearly show that Fidesz party soldiers cannot meet the requirements set out in the Basic Law: they did not act as an independent branch of power, but as a means of implementing the will of the government.”

According to the party, Fidesz and KDNP have developed a practice where the head of state is not a separate branch of power. “They would continue to follow the practice according to which independent institutions function as democratic scenery, but do not constitute a real counterbalance,” they write.

The President of the Republic – as confirmed by the position of the Constitutional Court – is not part of the executive power, but must play a balancing role

they emphasize.

According to the position of the MSZP, therefore, “an important element of the restoration of democracy and the rule of law is for the president of the republic to become independent from the executive power and to truly fulfill his duties set out in the Basic Law: expressing the unity of the nation and watching over the democratic functioning of the state organization.” This goal can be facilitated if the president of the republic is not nominated and elected by the ruling parties, but directly by the people.”

They note that since 1989, the Hungarian Socialist Party has consistently proposed that the president of the republic should be elected directly by the people and that the president of the republic should act as a counterweight to the government.

The MSZP therefore initiates the amendment of the Basic Law in order to directly elect the President of the Republic.

They add: in the vast majority of European Union republics, the people still elect the head of state directly, which provides him with such legitimacy that he can perform his duties as a truly autonomous political actor. The introduction of direct presidential elections does not mean a break with the system of the parliamentary republic. Directly elected heads of state in EU member states have significantly different powers. The method of election does not affect their role in the state organization.

We call on the democratic opposition parties to jointly fight for the introduction of the institution of direct presidential elections

they write.

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